We are acquiring 127 Acre Hops Farm - making us the largest hop farm in Canada. Stay tuned for an announcement!



Ninja Brew Hops is perfect geographical location to cultivate and nurture the growing of an agricultural product in demand. The farm produces a wide variety and selection of hops you can count on. NinjaBrewHops is uniquely positioned to promote and establish strong relationships between the family farms.


Ninja Brew Hops is dedicated to developing ultra-high-quality hops as a specialty cash crop for Midwestern farmers to supply to brewers all over the world. We provides education, outreach, processing, and sales services to growers and brewers.


We take it personally when we hear people say that “small scale hop production can’t be done”. Our goal? Quality, responsible hop production at all levels, whether you are a backyard homebrewer or a 50+ acre career hop farmer

Nugget Hops

Starting from $20 CAD per pound

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CTZ Hops

Starting from $19 CAD per pound

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Chinook Hops

Starting from $18 CAD per pound

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ninja brew hops

Hop at its best

The farm currently has 50 acres fully constructed, and equiped with the most sophistcated technologies.  Ninja Brew Hops will offer 7 different hop varieties such as: Cascade, Triple Perle, Centennial, Cashmere, Sterling, Tahoma and Chinook.

Our goal for 2020 is to get to acquire more acres so we can expand the farm plants to cater for the increasing demand in hops globally.  When we reach our goal of 150 producing acres, Ninja Brew Hops will be the largest hops farm in Canada.  Ninja Brew Hops is a Canadian hop supplier to both local craft and international breweries. 

We’re focused on providing premium quality hops and uncompromising service. Our team is driven by a profound appreciation for our natural resources and a heartfelt respect for the communities and customers we serve. Together, this creates a culture of continuous improvement centered on sustain-ably produced, innovative hop products for beer.



Ninja Brew Hops offers workers the opportunity to work with us. Give us a call today  (604) 655 9746

Proud To Grow Hops, Breweries Can Trust!

Higher Yields

We’re constantly growing and looking at how to optimize every single aspect of the farm by understanding our environment.  This maintains constancy and  helps our hops to be the very best quality for brew masters.

Our farm keeps an eye on:  Temperature, humidity, light intensity, air and soil humidity and more.

Work Ethic At The Hops Farm

Expanding job and career opportunities are available at the farm, as we’re always looking for talented and motivated farmers. 

We are looking for 40 full time year rounds workers to produce the best hops this planet has ever seen while keeping things fun!

If you have a passion for horticulture, or know of someone that holds a passion for gardening. Reach out to us now.

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