The CEO of Ninja Brew Hops is George Samaris. He is a born entrepreneur with a long track of successful projects. Out of his entrepreneurship skills, he founded the Ninja Brew Hops.

Ninja Brew Hops is perfect geographical location to cultivate and nurture the growing of an agricultural product in demand. The farm produces a wide variety and selection of hops you can count on.Ninja Brew Hops is uniquely positioned to promote and establish strong relationships between the family farms who supply our premium hops and the innovative brewing customers who utilize our products in their beers. We are passionate about sharing stories from our history, and highlighting the dedication of the entire hop community to help show brewers where their great beer beginswith a long track record of successful projectswith a long track record of successful projectswith a long track record of successful projects

Founded On Market Demand

Craft beer breweries continue to surge in nations such as China, the USA, Brazil, Canada and Russia. The farm was founded in 2020, however, the plants are planted in 2016 as a solution to the world hops shortage.  Ninja Brew Hops area is located on the 49th parallel, which is the best growing conditions for hops. 

Our hops are are grown throughout the annual cropping region of Chilliwack, British Columbia. We’re a supplier of hops to both local and international breweries. 

The Ninja Brew Hops currently have 50 acres and took over production in 2020, however the plants are on their 4th year. Which is the most mature and can produce the biggest yeild.

Hop Varieties


Ninja Brew Hops offers workers the opportunity to work with us. Give us a call today  (604) 655 9746

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